Our Own Ghost City

by Helen Earth Band

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released November 24, 2009

Marc Allen, Adam Allen, Trevor Vieweg, Brian Evans, Jeff Livingston

Recorded @ Big Fish, Audio Design, the Lab & the Beach House
Produced and engineered by Helen Earth Band
Additional engineering by Ben Moore
Mixed by Jason Cupp
Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE
Additional programming by Jason Cupp
Artwork by Peter-John de Villiers
Published by Peephole People, BMI / One Bad Landing Music, ASCAP.


all rights reserved



Helen Earth Band San Diego

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Track Name: Shakencutt
Sure save, spun tight
Luck played the answers right
The last time, next day
This same end is beginning again

Walking underwater
Breathing through a straw

The has hours and hours and this time frame is slowing me down to a crawl

They're just thoughts
Nothing's planned
We'll be gone like began
We'll be gone in spite of it all
Track Name: Fifteen Sixteen
One of us doesn't fit
This surely is an accident
Turn around and shut 'em out
This farce of counterparts is spreading disbelief
This doubt through word of mouth could shatter permanently

And the title goes to...

"They should adjust"
I know they should, but honestly, how could you overlook the gravity
Tied tight in hindsight, this stitch is permanently sewn

And the title goes to...
Track Name: Planemo
Give a little sign for the unrest
Or bleed your heart in protest
I'm walking on this fence like a tightrope
Where is the land?
I'll make my approach,
Find the ground, look around, follow the fault line

Spent enough time faking through the motions
Speaking only our convenient opinions, we'll wait for a split second understanding
In a split second I'll be landing
I'll make my approach,
Eyes down to the ground, follow the fault line

Please adjust everything around to fall in place for now
That might just remind us how we should see it
Track Name: Life as a Passenger
"Don't paint me out so cynical when you are only fooling yourself, and it's not so difficult..."
With a smile as we go

Perch with your head hanging down
Safe as a passenger up in the audience
All this comes crashing around us

Safe in the audience rows

Perch with your head hanging down
Safe as a passenger, you're pleading the same case
Kicking and clawing we drown
Wagering on our worst, we all leave the same way

Isn't it so typical?
Safe in the audience rows
Track Name: Loud Enough to Locate
We beg to pay for our highs without lows
Laughing loud with each other
Crying Alone

Breathe soft, it’s enough to vibrate
It’s just loud enough to locate
(in slow and steady time, we all know our mistakes define)

And it’s time that I admit - like always, it hurts less over time
I imagine that the perfectly placed reminders just won’t let us forget

Breathe soft, it's enough to vibrate
In slow and steady time, we all know it's loud enough to locate

Tell me when I arrive
Track Name: Empty Hand
Caught a good idea that wasn't mine
I took an empty hand and some honest work

These roots hold soil, but above it all
It's a sick, stop-motion ...laughing as we go

Is this should shake, we'd fall down the center of it all
It's a certain reaction
Try to roll with the punches anyway
Keep my conscience in line
Steady, focused on the prize
It's a perfect distraction
Try to roll with the punches